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Need help with your accounts?

If you have recently started your own business, or are part of a network marketing organisation, keeping up with the accounts can be a challenge and even quite scary. You might be good at what you do, but the book keeping and numbers worry you.

Well now there’s no need to worry. The Finance Mentor is here to help. We provide accounts systems, accounts training and regular guidance to people like you – entrepreneurs who want to succeed.

Accounts made easy

We are aware that there are many accountants out there, and lots of accounting systems and resources to help small business owners, but is unique.

We have created a unique package which brings together an easy-to-use accounts system, regular training and guides on how to use it, and regular mentoring, to make sure that accounts take less time and provide valuable information you can use to manage your cash flow and grow your business.

Accounts control

Lots of business owners use spreadsheets to record their income and expenditure. But did you know that a good accounting system can not only save you time, but help you manage your cash flow more effectively, help you stay on top of money you owe and are owed, and can record which areas of your business are more profitable than others?

The Finance Mentor uses Xero – an easy-to-use accounts system “in the cloud” so there’s no software to download, you pay a fixed monthly fee (included in all of our packages) and you can even download an app that allows you to “account on the move”.

Mentoring & Business Advice

They say that the most successful business owners have had some form of regular mentoring. At thefinancementor we provide a range of support services including 1-2-1 mentoring over Skype, monthly business growth advice and online training to make sure your business is the most successful it can be.

You choose the level of support you require and we take care of the rest for you. If you choose not to subscribe to the monthly mentoring, then if you have any queries that aren’t featured on our website, you simply book a diary slot with us under our “pay as you go” facility.

Accounts Training

We have developed online training material which addresses the key issues raised by business owners. To see an example of just some of the subjects we cover click here.

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Meet Kate

Our Steps to Business Success

The Finance Mentor Support Programme is an essential tool for business owners. Our packages include:

  • Accounts Training for understanding
  • Accounts Package to save time
  • Demonstrations on video for clarity
  • Excel Templates you can use on your own
  • One to One Support to keep you on track
  • Monthly Tips To help you focus on more profit & better cashflow
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Xero – what is it?

Practical Support for Small Business Owners

  • Do you want to manage your finances with ease?
  • And report your results with confidence?
  • Remain focused with clear objectives?
  • Grow profit and improve cash flow?
  • And make your business A resounding success?

Then the Finance Mentor is for you. For your FREE TRIAL and receive monthly profit making tips please click here.

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