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About Us has been created by me – Michelle Reynolds – I’m a Commercial Finance Director with over 20 years experience in industry.

"Business Mentor - Michelle Reynolds"

After 16 years in the corporate world I left to start my own business offering interim finance director services and consultancy to business owners and finance directors. My company Collaborative Business Support Limited supports a range of businesses from start ups to medium sized groups, offering services from finance training to turnaround support.

It’s essential when you’re choosing a Business Mentor to have someone who knows what it’s like to do everything from making tea to presenting a business plan to the bank manager. I’ve been there so I know what it’s like. I have also spent the last three years working with start up businesses as a finance mentor. During that time I’ve realised that whilst those business owners might be very confident at what they do, they are not always so comfortable with numbers. They find it scary – they’re worried about getting things wrong.

As with anything – if you know what you’re doing it’s easy!

But there’s more to mentoring than knowing how to do book keeping. You need someone with real commercial experience. In my time as Finance Director I’ve managed a number of turnaround projects, increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved cash flow and turned multi million pound losses into multi million pounds of profit. That’s valuable experience – that’s why I’m a high fee earner now.

I know that as a start up company, you won’t be able (or won’t want) to pay out huge amounts of money for someone to help you with your accounts. That’s why I created the Finance Mentor. I’ve put my knowledge into bite sized chunks and standardised accounting procedures so that you can get the benefit of my 20 years experience at an affordable price.

If you are serious about making your business a profitable success then “” is your essential business development tool.

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Our Steps to Business Success

The Finance Mentor Support Programme is an essential tool for business owners. Our packages include:

  • Accounts Training for understanding
  • Accounts Package to save time
  • Demonstrations on video for clarity
  • Excel Templates you can use on your own
  • One to One Support to keep you on track
  • Monthly Tips To help you focus on more profit & better cashflow
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Xero – what is it?

Practical Support for Small Business Owners

  • Do you want to manage your finances with ease?
  • And report your results with confidence?
  • Remain focused with clear objectives?
  • Grow profit and improve cash flow?
  • And make your business A resounding success?

Then the Finance Mentor is for you. For your FREE TRIAL and receive monthly profit making tips please click here.

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