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Legal requirements for small businesses
Tweet Legal Requirements for Sole Traders Over this next week I’m going to write about the legal requirements of a small business, especially in regard to accounting. The way in [read more]
How to Succeed in Business and Improve...
Tweet How to Succeed in Business – by the Harvard Business School I recently read this article written by the Harvard Business School on what it takes for businesses to [read more]
How to Write a Business Plan
Tweet How to write a Business Plan Wikipedia provides an excellent definition. They say that “A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons [read more]
Limited Company with VAT - your legal...
Tweet A limited company has many legal obligations. There are also obligations you have as the director of the limited company. If you are also registered for VAT then you [read more]
Limited Company - your Legal Obligations
Tweet A limited company has many legal obligations. There are also obligations you have as the director of the limited company. On this page we will cover each in turn. [read more]
Self Employed - your Legal Obligations
Tweet The legal obligations for self employed people are quite simple. You need to make sure your bookkeeping is kept up to date, and that you keep the records required [read more]
Bookkeeping Basics (aka Getting...
Tweet So why do we need to do bookkeeping at all? Well the answer is quite simple. Because HMRC says we have to! HMRC states that … Every business owner [read more]
Companies House
Tweet Companies House is the organisation which maintains a register of all the registered limited companies and limited liability partnerships (LLP) in the UK. Its main functions are to: 1. [read more]

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