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  • Download Your Files
Once you’ve registered as a user every month you will be sent an email with your membership details. A representative from thefinancementor will ring you and talk you through everything you need to know – from using the accounting system to making the most of your membership.
  • Each month you will receive an online training package including downloads which include:
  • Full Colour E Books
  • Excel Spreadsheets which are fully automated
  • Video Presentations explaining the subject
  • Video Guides to show you how to use the resources

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  • Learn
When you’re starting a business there is a lot to learn. Finance Mentor gives you all you need to know about measuring your financial performance in 12 easy-to-follow chunks.
  • Success means:
  • You can do your own accounts & understand them
  • You have a plan and know how to stay on track
  • You are focused on profit and performance
  • You clearly understand how to maximise your cash flow

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Why having an experienced Business Mentor is essential for Business Growth

Business Mentor

How a Business Mentor can help your Business

From the feedback I get from my clients, I know how much they value their business mentors. When you’re starting out in business it is especially important to have an experienced business person who you can turn to for advice.

What is a Business Mentor?

Business Link says “as a mentor, your role is to support, develop, stimulate and challenge your mentee, whether they’re just starting up in business or are already established”. Well that’s exactly what The Finance Mentor is here to do.

How will a Business Mentor benefit me & my business?

Focus – You will focus on profit and business success.

Vision – You will have a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

Clear Path – You will know how you are going to achieve your goals in clear, definable, measurable steps.

Support – You will have someone who will listen and advise.

Results – You will understand how to monitor your progress.

Why is The Finance Mentor the best “business mentor” for me?

Well, whilst I know that not one suit fits all, let me tell you a bit about myself to give you some idea of what you’d be getting if you signed up for my Ultimate Package. Here goes:

    – Someone who has been in business for themselves for over 4 years (a business mentor who knows what it’s like)

    – A person who has spent over 20 years advising Managing Directors of large companies (with sales of more than £70m) on how to improve profit (a business mentor who can speak from experience)

    – An experienced turnaround professional whose last employed assignment was to manage a £14m turnaround programme and save a group from demise (a business mentor who knows how to make tough decisions)

    – The finance mentor at Leeds City College and Leeds Metropolitan University, responsible for training and mentoring start up businesses since 2007 (a business mentor who has done this before!)

    – A successful business mentor helping one particular client increase their turnover by 20% and their gross margin by 3% in just 6 months (a business mentor who has proven results)

    – A busy parent who knows how difficult it can be to juggle many responsibilities and still run a successful business (a business mentor who can emphathise with your situation)

What have I done for the companies I’ve worked with as a Business Mentor?

    – I’ve implemented a Return on Investment model for my client to use in his sales process

    – I’ve taught a client to do their own accounts and submit their own Corporation Tax return

    – My client now produces their own management accounts complete with budget

    – I’ve set up my client’s payroll system for them to process their own payroll

    – My client now has a group stock management system with fully trained staff

These are just a few of the things I’ve done with my clients – so hopefully you can see the range of support I provide is extensive.

What do my clients say about me as their Business Mentor?

“Michelle is really calm helping me not to panic when I have a tax return due” – Adam Woodhall, Peopleprofitplanet UK Ltd

“I don’t know what I’d do without you” – Cherie Walker, Indigo Car Hire Ltd

“Michelle is like a breath of fresh air – real commercial, practical advice.” Ashley Cohen, Pharm-Assist Healthcare Ltd

“Having that support there just when I need it is invaluable to me. I’m still using the cashflow forecast you created for me – it’s an integral part of our business” Richard Berry, SBT Design Ltd

“If you are looking for someone to add extra value to your business process and an innovative and different approach, when required, I would have no hesitate in recommending Michelle to you.” John Wells Group Commercial Director, Communisis plc

To see a few of my clients and here what they say for themselves please check out the videos in the side bar. It will hopefully give you a better idea of what they find useful in their own businesses.

But we know there can be no substitute for your own experience, so why not try my FREE TRIAL for yourself? I look forward to helping you grow your profits.

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Our Clients

Indigo Car & Van Hire Ltd
Indigo Car & Van Hire Ltd
Tweet “I would definitely recommend learning how to do your own finances. The mentoring sessions with Michelle are value for money – they’ve really helped me” Cherie Walker, Indigo Car & Van Hire Ltd
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Honeypot Mail
Honeypot Mail
Tweet “Michelle has really helped me with understanding the numbers that go into what we do, which is vital if we are to provide our clients with the return on their marketing investment.” Omar Hamdi, Honeypot Digital Ltd
Read more
Leeds City College
Leeds City College
Tweet “I know that for many of the Unit businesses they have really valued Michelle’s mentoring” Francis Parkinson, Unit Manager, Leeds City College
Read more
Peopleprofitplanet UK Ltd
Peopleprofitplanet UK Ltd
Tweet “Michelle gives me confidence as a business person. She is really calm which is great when I have a tax return to submit. And I get the sense she really cares” Adam Woodhall, Peopleprofitplanet UK Ltd
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Indigo Car & Van Hire Ltd Honeypot Mail Leeds City College Peopleprofitplanet UK Ltd

Practical Support for Small Business Owners

  • Do you want to manage your finances with ease?
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