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What Others Say

We know that it’s really important to deal with someone you can trust. And usually the best way to decide whether or not you can work with someone is to rely on their current client base to tell you what they’re like.

Here’s what our clients have to say about working with us.


“I would definitely recommend learning how to do your own finances. The mentoring sessions with Michelle are value for money – they’ve really helped me” Cherie Walker, Indigo Car & Van Hire Ltd


“Michelle has really helped me with understanding the numbers that go into what we do, which is vital if we are to provide our clients with the return on their marketing investment.” Omar Hamdi, Honeypot Digital Ltd


“She totally gets that it’s vital that as a growing business you focus your time, energy and drive on the areas which will create the highest return.” Gail Powell, Solopreneur Publishing Ltd

Feature Media“If you don’t understand the numbers, Michelle is the lady for you – she will be a large part of us achieving our vision and the success we desire.” Julie Tumilty, Feature Media Ltd

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Meet Kate

Our Steps to Business Success

The Finance Mentor Support Programme is an essential tool for business owners. Our packages include:

  • Accounts Training for understanding
  • Accounts Package to save time
  • Demonstrations on video for clarity
  • Excel Templates you can use on your own
  • One to One Support to keep you on track
  • Monthly Tips To help you focus on more profit & better cashflow
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Xero – what is it?

Practical Support for Small Business Owners

  • Do you want to manage your finances with ease?
  • And report your results with confidence?
  • Remain focused with clear objectives?
  • Grow profit and improve cash flow?
  • And make your business A resounding success?

Then the Finance Mentor is for you. For your FREE TRIAL and receive monthly profit making tips please click here.

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